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How The Demo Works

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How The Demo Works

This demo is reset every 24 hours...

To Access the Demo, use these credentials


Pass: Password1@

Frequently asked questions

Can I forward my email to another email system?

Yes, you can forward to all the top email systems, ie: gmail, yahoo, 

Can I add my email to my iphone or android?

yes, you may, 

Setup e-mail on your devices.
To add A2G Mail on any device you have to add these settings and follow instructions:

how to setup your eMail on: Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook, iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android

User Your full email address (e.g.:
Password Your e-mail password

Server Port (no Encryption and TLS) Port (SSL)
IMAP 143             993
SMTP 25,26,587   465
POP3 110             995

You must use SMTP Authentication for outgoing e-mails.

MX Records


what are the DNS settings to use your system?

Set your MX records to:

Create a CNAME record: ->

Create two A records: -> ->

ADD to your existing spf record
include: ~all

thats it, youare done, your mail should start working after the domain propegates.

How can I cancel my subscription?

Simply call and request cancellation, we will cancel your account when Its billing cycle ends. 

What elements of your offers would be the best for me?
While it sometimes makes sense to work with prospective clients on a trial basis, making sure they can ultimately afford your services is a big consideration when qualifying a lead.
What is Campaigns?
Clients with a good history of payments who are easy to work with will save you time and stress down the road and make for a much better business relationship.

Keep and grow more customers. We’re here to help.

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